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The Story of

Once upon a time, two determined mothers, Hannah and Ellen, set out on a mission to revolutionize school and creative time for their children. They were frustrated with the dull and unexciting stationery products available in the market and wanted to provide their children with something more engaging and unique. They envisioned a brand that would ignite their children's imagination, keep them entertained for hours, and promote their personal growth and learning.

After months of research and brainstorming, the two mothers decided to create their own brand, and they called it "Happy Eyes." The brand's name perfectly encapsulated their vision of seeing their children's faces light up with joy and excitement every time they used the products. The core mission of Happy Eyes was to offer a wide range of functional and attractive stationery products that promote creativity and learning while encouraging children to spend more time offline.

Happy Eyes believes that screen-free activities are essential for children's growth and development, and they design their products to inspire children to explore their imagination and express themselves creatively. The brand's packaging is designed for DIY, and it comes with different combinations of creative tools and supplies that can keep children entertained for hours.

One of the brand's most popular products is the Happy Eyes DIY Notebook, which provides children with a canvas to personalize their notebook, create their unique designs, and express their creativity. The notebook is perfect for journaling, doodling, or writing stories and encourages children to think outside the box and explore their imagination.

Happy Eyes offers a range of high-quality stationery products such as pens, pencils, erasers, rulers, and pencil cases. Each product is designed with a unique and attractive design that appeals to children's sense of style. The brand uses eco-friendly, non-toxic materials in their products, ensuring that children can use them safely without any harmful chemicals.

At Happy Eyes, the founders, Hannah and Ellen, are committed to providing safe, high-quality, and engaging products that parents can trust, and children can enjoy. They believe that every child deserves to have fun and creative stationery products that promote learning and personal growth. With Happy Eyes, children can unlock their creative potential and embark on a journey of self-discovery and fun.

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